Hamilton Microblading course

Hamilton Microblading Course Pre-registration

Microblading eyebrows has been a leading beauty trend. This Spring, NV Beauty Boutique will be offering a certified Hamilton Microblading course. There are several opportunities to sign up online, or at the main location in Niagara Falls.

What is Microblading?

Microblading creates a fuller, natural eye brow. It’s a semi permanent, cosmetic tattoo. The blade is made up of a row of needles, which are dipped in ink and placed in the skin with hair like strokes to create a natural brow on the eye brow line.

What is Professional Microblading Technician?

Professional, certified microblading Technicians are beauty experts on the theory, and practice of microblading, which is a semi-permanent tattoo of the eyebrow.

Becoming a certified Microblading Technician leads to endless opportunity in the Beauty industry:

  • Working with professional Makeup Companies
  • Spas or Beauty salons
  • Celebrity, Models, Cheerleaders and dance lashes
  • Youtube Tutorials
  • Small Business Owner
  • Touring and Traveling Opportunities
  • Steady Career
  • Expanding current certifications

Hamilton Microblading course Pre-registration now available! Contactnvbeauty@gmail.com

About the Course and the Instructor

The Certified Microblading Technician courses are available for $1700.  The Microblading Technician course consists of 24 hours and up with hands on experience and a starter kit.

Szilvia Kuti has been a leading business owner and beauty technician for over 10 years. Owner of Pro Beauty Bar and top hair stylist, Szilvia excels in Certified Aesthetic Training, Medical Aesthetics, Business Management and Aesthetic Services throughout Ontario. She is certified in microdermabrasion, eyebrow lift/tint, hair extensions, microblading, lash extensions, up do’s, blow outs & make up application. She is one of Ontario’s Top recommended beauty instructors, best selling author of 4 Certified Aesthetic training manuals with the 5th one coming out.  Szilvia’s work is one of a kind. 

Szilvia Kuti offers Certified Aesthetic Training for the following Ontario- wide courses:

HAIR EXTENSION TECHNICIAN –  fusion,micro ring/loop,tape in techniques  (course length: 16h)
​MICROBLADING MASTER TECHNICIAN- 3D embroidery,feathering technique, master course.(course length: 24h and up)occupational safety for blood born pathogens training and testing is included.
EYELASH LIFTING – eyelash perm and tinting application (course length: 4h)
BLOW DRY TECHNICIAN  – learn 4 type of blow dry technics 4h
MICRODERMABRASION – step by step hands on training for estheticians ONLY 16h
MAKE UP ARTISTRY- hands on beginner artist course 20h
NATURAL ESTHETICIAN – Endless career opportunity

Important information on Niagara Falls Microblading Course:

*$100 registration fee is required to sign up online
*Payment plan is available
*Starter Kits available
*Accredited by The Eyelash and Hair Extension Association of Canada
*All Courses are registered through Pro Beauty www.niagarahair.com, probeautystar@gmail.com
*Referral agent NV Beauty Boutique in heading of email

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Hamilton microblading course
Hamilton Microblading course

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Become a Certified Eyelash Extension Technician and Jump Start your Career today!

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  2. I want to learn it all microplating hair extensions and lash extensions, I’m curious how much that would be and how long it would take to complete all of those courses

  3. Hi I am interested in microblading , permanent make up lash extensions,.Hair extentions

    I understand there is bundling courses. Can you send me a list of bundles and also individual courses and pricing?

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