Waterloo Botox and Waterloo Lip Fillers

Waterloo Botox and Waterloo Lip Fillers & Services

This May, NV Beauty Boutique will be offering mobile Waterloo Botox and Waterloo Lip Fillers!

Guelph Botox and Lip Fillers
Waterloo Botox and Waterloo Lip Fillers

Botox and Lip Fillers FAQ

Botox & Lips prices

$250 Mini Lip
$450 full syringe

botox $8 per unit for 35 units

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What is Botox?
Botox and Dysport are neuromodulators which soften expression lines of the face by reducing overactive muscle movement.
How much does it cost?
Clinics price Botox by the unit – our botox price is $8/unit. Treatments usually need 20-59 units.
 How do I prepare for a botox appointment?
Clients require a consultation prior to their appointment. Email contactnvbeauty@gmail.com to book a consultation.
Where can I find more information?
How much do Lip Fillers cost?
Our lip fillers are available at $450/ Syringe, or $250 for a mini lip.
Why choose NV Beauty boutique for Botox and Lip fillers?
Our nurse is fully mobile and has a location available in Niagara Falls. She is trained and certified with before and after photos available upon requests.
What are the health risks involved?
Contact our cosmetic nurse directly to find out what risks are involved for your body type and lifestyle.
Guelph Lip fillers, botox and rhinoplasty
Waterloo Lip fillers, botox and rhinoplasty

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