Hamilton Hair Extensions Training Certification Courses

Hamilton Hair Extensions Training Certification Courses

Hamilton Hair Extensions Training Certification Courses

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Hair Extensions have been shaping the beauty industry for over a decade. NV Beauty Boutique offers Hamilton Hair Extensions Training Certification Courses. There are several opportunities to sign up online, or at the main location in Thorold.

What are Human Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions is the process of adding real human hair onto a clients current hair or scalp.

Hair Extension Removal

Aftercare & hair extension removal is important to avoid damaged hair. Speak to your beauty consultant on removal options.

Tape in Extensions

Tape in hair extensions are the least expensive semi-permanent hair extension method available for both the cost of hair and the application. They are the easiest hair extension method to maintain and easiest to maintain. They’re light weight and least damaging.  Tape in extensions are reusable for up to a year, they are good for 3-4 applications. 

Fusion Extensions

Fusion hair extensions are one of the top beauty trends. Fusion extensions provide a natural look and are long-lasting. Also known as the“glue-in” method, the hair extension tip is a square-shaped keratin protein bond which is heated up and melted onto your hair. It is extremely important to have a professional take out the bonds after use to avoid damage to your hair.

Micro Ring Extensions

Micro ring hair extensions are easy to apply and damage free. A micro loop extension is applied to a similar sized piece of your own hair. Tiny, silicone lined aluminium rings hold the extensions securely in place, without the need for any harsh glues or chemicals. Micro ring hair extensions can be reused for several applications.

 What is  a Professional Hair Extensions Technician?

Professional, certified hair extension Technicians are beauty experts on the theory, and practice of hair extension removal, micro ring extensions, fusion extensions and tape in extension technique.

Becoming a certified Hair Extension Technician leads to endless opportunity in the Beauty industry:

  • Licensed Aesthetician
  • Working with a variety of ages and individuals
  • Spas or Beauty salons
  • Celebrity, Models, Cheerleaders and dancer
  • Self Employed
  • Youtube Tutorials
  • Small Business Owner
  • Touring and Traveling Opportunities
  • Steady Career
  • Expanding current certifications

Pre-registration now available! Contactnvbeauty@gmail.com

About the Course

The Certified Hair Extension Technician courses are available for $812.  The Hair Extension Technician course consists of 24 hours of experience and a starter kit.


Important information:

*$100 registration fee is required to sign up online
*Payment plan is available
*Starter Kits available
*Accredited by The National Association of Estheticians

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Become a Certified Hamilton Hair Extensions Technician and Jump Start your Career today!

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