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Business Development 101

Sneak Peak into our ethics chapter for our Business Development Course. Learn about the important of client rights, confidentiality & Privacy Reputation is one of the beautician’s highest assets. Your reputation and work environment are based on the actions and behaviors of yourself and who you work with. Honesty, integrity,…

Neck Filler 101

Neck Filler 101 This is a wonderful alternative to surgical interventions. Horizontal neck bands can happen to anyone regardless of age or weight. Genetics play a big role in the development of neck lines and are difficult to treat with any other non-invasive treatment. By carefully placing filler in this…

Hair Extension 101

What are Hair Extensions? The hair industry is a multi-billion-dollar market. Hair extensions have been becoming more popular ever since the 80’s. If hair extensions are not installed properly, they can cause damage to the hair as well as hair loss. A proper hair extension training course is necessary to…