Non Surgical Rhinoplasty in Hamilton

Hamilton Non Surgical Rhinoplasty

Hamilton Non Surgical Rhinoplasty makes a world of difference on a wide variety of nose shapes and sizes. This lovely client had broken her nose years ago and was left with a lot of scar tissue and asymmetry. After 1mL of Princess Volume her nose and profile symmetry is balanced out, leaving her with a soft and pleasing profile.


Whatever your preference, we have you covered. Our nurses can reshape you nose in any way you see fit.


Gummy smile? Uneven lips? Weak Jaw line?

Consider your smile safe with us.


Worried about laugh lines, frown lines or crows feet? Our anti-wrinkle treatments can be both corrective and preventative. 


Our professional nurses offer a variety of facial fillers, perfect for any problem areas on the face or neck.

Nurse Meghan

Meghan is a graduate of Mohawk College in Practical Nursing. She worked for several years in the hospital as a complex care nurse before turning her focus to aesthetic and cosmetic nursing. Her passionate career began working side by side with a plastic surgeon. Meghan mastered multiple advanced injection techniques while nursing in his office. Eventually she secured a position at an extremely busy clinic in an affluent area. Her reputation as a skilled nurse injector grew quickly. Meghan used her knowledge and reputation in the field to partner with Alyssa and found Bella Vita Injectables. Meghan is ready to help you live your most beautiful life today.


Non Surgical Rhinoplasty in Oakville

Hamilton Non Surgical Rhinoplasty -
This beautiful client received her first Non surgical rhinoplasty. Her dorsal hump was softened and tip lifted resulting in a perfect profile.
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  1. Hello i was wondering to know the price range for the non surgical nose procedure, how long it would last and how long the recovery time would be for it. Thank you

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