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Glam, classic or costume makeup

What is Professional Makeup Application?

Professional Makeup Application is a perfect way to create a temporary, flawless look with no risk. Whether it be your prom, wedding day, modelling shoot or special event, NV Beauty Boutique will provide you with top Aestheticians.

How do I prepare for a  make up appointment?

It's easiest for the beauty staff to work on a freshly washed face

Find out more about makeup!

Makeup is a tool used to enhance beauty in men and women. Skin is exposed to harsh environmental elements and other damaging agents that can make it dry, dull, and worn out. The sun’s UV rays, pollution, unhealthy sleeping and work habits, food, products used and slow collagen production all take a toll on skin. Fine lines, blemishes and dark spots can be hidden with the right makeup. However, makeup is only a cover and not a solution to skin problems. Understanding skin anatomy, methods of skin care treatments and an introduction to the beauty industry allows the makeup artist to discuss tips and tricks for long term skin care.

Makeup Application Prices

Pricing varies based on location and service.

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