Teeth Whitening Services and Training

Teeth Whitening Services

A smile is the most beautiful thing a girl can wear. A bright, beautiful smile shows happiness and confidence. Find out more.

Learn about Teeth Whitening

The natural color of teeth is within a range of light greyish-yellow shades (Canadian Dental Association). Teeth discolor can be intrinsic and extrinsic. Extrinsic is on the outside of the teeth and Intrinsic discoloration is from within the tooth. Intrinsic discoloration can be caused because of medication use, childhood illness, infection, tooth trauma, or aging.  Clients with intrinsic discoloration should see a professional dentist.  Teeth naturally darken with age. Tobacco products, food and drink all affect the shades of teeth (Canadian Dental Association ). Coffee, tea, red wine, foods with dyes, and tobacco can contribute to this type of staining. These stains are extrinsic. Lastly, skin tone affects the perception of the color of teeth. (Hume Street Dental Care).


There are three general categories of whitening methods, those that are:

  1. controlled by the dentist
  2. distributed by the dentist to use at home
  3. over the counter or made at home without the dentist

How long do they last?

If applied properly, teeth whitening can be maintained for 2-4 months

How do I prepare for an appointment?

Arrive to your appointment with freshly brushed teeth.


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