Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice: Body Sugaring Artist Training

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice: Body Sugaring Artist Training

Sugaring Artist Training Course

Sugaring is an all natural, safe method of hair removal trending across Canada. The Body Sugaring Artist Training Course is available for $599 in the Greater Niagara Area and Greater Kitchener Area. For more information about private learning or workshops, visit us at

About Hair Removal

Hair removal has been around for centuries. Ancient Rome used hot tar and razor-sharp shells as a hair removal method. Today, hair removal is a medical, cosmetic or psychological concern. Sugaring has been used in Egyptian times, middle eastern culture, Northern Africa, Greece middle east, Persians.

Hair removal methods are categorized under depilation and epilation. Depilation involves removing the hair above the skin such as shaving and hair removal creams. Epilation involves removing hair from the roots. Types of epilation involve tweezing, threading, sugaring, sugaring, laser hair removal and electrolysis. Other hair removal methods include hair removal pills and slowing creams. Some clients also choose bleaching body hair.

Body Sugaring Training

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