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Microblading creates a fuller, natural eyebrow. It's a semipermanent, cosmetic tattoo. The
blade is made up of a row of needles, which are dipped in ink  and placed in the skin with hair like strokes  to create a natural brow on the brow line.

How Long does Microblading Last?

Typically, microblading lasts 1-2 years however a touch up is usually necessary 6 weeks after the initial appointment

Microblading Certifications

The Microblading Artist Course Training is available for $1799 + hst. Currently, the course is being offered in Guelph and Thorold (St. Catharines).

What is the Aftercare Steps of Microblading ?

Over the next several days as the tattoos start to dry, apply the ointment given to you by the beauty specialists. Avoid drinking alcohol, heavy sweating, tanning, and scratching the brow.

How Much does Microblading Cost?

First appointment $300+

Touch up $100+

Mobile or venues of your choosing
$20- $60  based on location 

How do I prepare for a Microblading appointment?

Don't drink alcohol or have any aspiring the night before the appointment. Also, avoid waxing and plucking your brows before the appointment.

What are the health Risks Involved?

Since Microblading is breaking the skin, sterolising equipment is extremely important. There is risk of transmitting infectious diseases such as HIV, hepatitis B and C, and skin infections. Microblading might also cause allergic reactions to inks and scarring from repeated tattooing.

Brow Lamination, lift and tint

Brow lamination involves creating a fuller brow look without the safety concerns of tattoos and microblading. Brow lamination involves taking the natural brow hair and shaping them in a way to cover any sparse areas on the brow line. Brow lamination safe, affordable and a temporary beauty trick. A certified brow lamination artist can tweeze and shape the new brows to ensure client satisfaction. 

The Brow Lamination, Lift and Tint Artist Course Training Overview: Now Open

A full brow lift and tint treatment includes shaping the brows, waxing or sugaring, tweezingtinting and brow lamination. Originating in the U.K. eyebrow lamination is sweeping the nation. It involves straightening the brow hairs using several solutions to create a full, thick, slicked, defined, fluffy brow shape. Custom looks can have a brow fade, raise a client’s arch, extend their tails or give them a messy brow. Staying up to date with current/new products, techniques and services is incredibly important to have a successful career. We hope you are as excited about your new service as we are! Please remember that if you ever have any questions or require additional training, do not hesitate to contact us. We want to make sure you are comfortable and confident in your skills, and that you are always eager to learn and improve.

The Brow Lamination, Lift and Tint Artist Course

 This Brow Lamination, Lift and Tint Artist Training Manual will go into detail on health and safetybusiness tips, brow lamination, brow tint, brow shaping, the tool kit, hair anatomy, the brow lift  process, practice questions, document guides and key terms. This 20-hour course will also involve shadowing a brow lift artist, practical experience, a 20-question exam and a practical exam to receive the Brow Lift and Tint Artist Certificate.

Why choose NV Beauty Boutique for Brow Services?

NV Beauty Boutique Specialists provide Microblading in our Beauty Boutique location, as well as our convenient in - home service appointments. Our in- home microblading appointments are a travel- free way to accommodate your microblading appointment in your own home.


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microblading eyebrows in Hamilton - microblading eyebrows in Burlington - microblading eyebrows in Oakville - microblading eyebrows in Brantford - microblading eyebrows in Niagara Falls - microblading eyebrows in Kitchener - microblading eyebrows in Guelph- microblading eyebrows in Toronto - microblading eyebrows in Missisauga

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