Confidence is Key! Jaw line Filler at Bella Vita Injectables

Confidence is Key! Create a Confident Profile with Jaw line Filler

Filler is available for a variety of places. Jaw line filler is one of the most sought out procedures for both men and women of all ages. By carefully placing filler in the jawline it can give clients a strong and more confident profile. If you have no definition or simply want to add more definition in your jaw this is the perfect treatment for you. Typically, this procedure requires 1-4ml of thick filler (one that mimics bone) to that gives that sought-after angle/contour. It is important to follow Master Injector Nurse Meg’s pre care and aftercare information when going for a jaw line filler appointment. To book your next jaw line filler appointment, visit us at and live your most beautiful life.

Jaw Line Filler at Bella Vita Injectables

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