5 Reasons to Treat Smokers Line at Bella Vita Injectables, Oakville’s Leading Medical Spa

5 Reasons to Treat Smokers Line at Bella Vita Injectables

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1. Smokers and non smokers can suffer from the dreaded upper lip lines that can appear on both the top and bottom lip.

2. In severe cases this line can go from the outer lip all the way through the inner lip.

3. Depending on depth and severity of the lines, it can be treated with both filler and botox (or either or) Botox and Dysport can correct fine lines. Filler can correct moderate lines.

4. Botox/Dysport and filler together are the perfect treatment to correct moderate to severe (deep) folds.

5. Nurse Meg will asses and prescribe the perfect treatment for each client to give them a natural and beautiful correction. Filler in this area typically requires 0.5ml-1ml of filler. Botox/Dysport typically requires 2-6 units.

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