Characteristics of Hair Extensions |NV Beauty Boutique

Characteristics of Hair Extensions |NV Beauty Boutique

Characteristics of Hair Extensions | Pink News

Hair extensions have a variety of characteristics. A trained hair extension technician will be able to offer a higher quality consultation if they are aware of different characteristics of hair extensions.

  • Remy Hair: Remy hair extensions are one of the most popular type of hair extension. It real human hair and is considered the finest quality of hair since the cuticles are kept intact. Also, the hair strands are completely aligned.  The hair cuticles create a soft, natural look and feel of hair extensions.
  • Single Drawn: Single drawn bundles of hair produced from a ponytail with the shortest hairs being removed. The hair bundles contain a variety of different lengths. Since single drawn contains some short hair, it is a less expensive than double- drawn hair.
  • Double Drawn: Double drawn hair is hair sorted into various lengths and put into new bundles based on those lengths. Each new bundle formed contains hair which is all the same length. Double drawn hair will appear thicker with no wispy ends. This type of hair extension can become very expensive.
  • 0.5 gram/strands: 0.5 grams is the weight of an extension hair strand. 0.5 gram/strand is recommended for someone with thin hair.
  • 1 gram/strand: 1 gram/strand is much thicker. It is for clients who have healthy hair. The weight of the hair weighs more, so less bonds are needed to provide fuller volume.
  • Synthetic fibers: Are not recommended for hair extensions. They do not last as long and are damaged easily by friction and heat. Since they are not natural human hair, they cannot be styled or used like human hair. They are a less expensive hair extension.

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Characteristics of Hair Extensions | Pink News


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2 thoughts on “Characteristics of Hair Extensions |NV Beauty Boutique

  1. Hi do you do nano bead extensions for fine hair ? If yes , what is the approximate cost ?

    1. Hey Joanne I have attached Approximate pricing for you!

      • 14” $180
      • 16” $200
      • 18” $220
      • 20” $240
      • 22” $260
      • 24” $280
      • 14” $280
      • 16” $300
      • 18” $320
      • 20” $340
      • 22” $360
      • 24” $380
      150 grams
      • 14” $380
      • 16” $400
      • 18” $420
      • 20” $440
      • 22” $460

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